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Privacy Browsers

Unlike Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, the following browsers have been designed with privacy in mind, keeping you safe from online tracking. However you must read the warnings your browser gives you and not just click on OK without reading or downloading and installing software from untrusted sources. The Internet browser is a line of defence, but there are many others you must take into consideration to keep your privacy online. Privacy browser for the Internet Midori Browser: Lightweight open source browser originally developed for Linux but now with a Windows and portable version too. Midori comes with privacy extensions by default without you having…

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Anonymous email service

The first question to answer here is why go for anonymous email when there are plenty of premium featured and free email services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail available? Well, privacy and anonymity is a digital right — our digital right. But when you go to a service online and its first three choices for signup are to use existing Google, Facebook, or Twitter account credentials, it's almost like a subtle background check. Other services—like Google—expect you to share a phone number or an older email address to sign up, so you're not exactly hiding your tracks.What do you do if you want…

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