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Category: cryprocurrency

How Tor Users Got Caught – Defcon 22

4 examples of people who have used Tor for illegal activities and how they were caught. Multiple de-anonymization attacks are shown at the end of the video. Part 2 can be found here You can read more about the cases here: 0: Harvard bomb threat Eldo Kim getting busted by being one of the only users at Harvard on the tor network, and admitting he emailed the bomb threat.Case 1: Hector Xavier Monsegur (Sabu) and Jeremy Hammond LulzSec getting caught for logging on to IRC one time without tor and FBI using correlation.Case 2: Freedom Hosting admin under attack from Anonymous group previously fighting CP…

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Best way to transaction anonymously

To be truly anonymous online means learning how to pay for services and products in some cases without revealing any private information about yourself. At Cogipas, we tout many free and open source privacy tools and techniques, but there are some occasions when you have to pay for good privacy protection.Any leading premium privacy service – whether a VPN, privacy cleaning app, password manager, secure email or Usenet provider – will not keep logs of their users’ activities (a good thing). But to be truly anonymous, you should also not provide your real name, email or any other personally identifiable information (“PII”) even to these types of services.In…

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